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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

one of best friends dies unexpectedly this is for my oldest dd. journaling:A page for Sydney to remeber her Aunt Al. She had a special place for you in her heart
you were her Syders. when you were with her “No” was simply not in her vocabulary.
She loved to organize elaborate things for you. Like a easter egg hunt with 200 eggs
just for you. The easter bunny came in from bunnyville to hide them upon her request.
Santa flew his sled down her street and dropped off pre Christmas gifts in her mail
box for you. She had just had surgery for your third birthday and walked to your party
because she was not suppose to drive. When she came to our house for a party she
would always scrub the kitchen sink. For your fourth birthday she went and bought you batteries for all your toys, waiting was not an option. She also jumped in the spacewalk with you and your friends For your fifth birthday despie her pain she came, and dipped everyone ice cream. She also bought you bubbles, bubble bath and make-up with glitter. I did not like this gift but she knew you would love it. If you did not take a nap at school it was ok, they should have a special room for the kids who did not like naps. She let you wear your red rubber boots to Wal-Mart despite my protest.She thought you were so much like “Big” Taylor, she thought you were bright and smart with a gleaming future ahead of you. You were her Syders and her little aries.Her last words to me were tell my Syders I love her and I will be feeling better real soon. So in her memory nothing depressing here just happy memories and know she is watchinf over from up above.