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As I Remember It.
Kiah Renaye- May 8, 2008 was one of the most traumatic days of our lives and yet one of the most blessed! When you were born we were so glad you were finally here, then in the very next minute the nurses were rushing you to the nursery for chest x-rays. They did not thik you were breathing right. The Pediatrition thought you might have a hole in your lungs. While we were praying for you - your mommy lost so much blood we were afraid we were going to lose her. Your daddy didn't know where to be- with you or with mommy. He just loved you & mommy so much! Papa Gene just held Daddy up as we prayed and cried for you and mommy. God knew that your Daddy needed you both & he let you both stay here on Earth. The Dr's and nurses took good care of your little family. You are our Miracle and we love you so very much! Love you, Gramma.