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Well... I wanted to post a pic of this for the I remember mini last month - but ironically, I forgot and did something else. But I still wanted to post a pic - so I went out today and took one. I remember when this was in peak form. DH had a Jeep CJ like this one that was destroyed in a wreck and when all was settled with the insurance he bought this one and restored it. After moving to Springfield someone stole this jeep and stripped it. It was found sitting on blocks by some railroad tracks. There were no tires/wheels, no seats, no brake pedal, no top or doors, the carborator was gone... it was a mess. I know it makes DH sad to see it like this, and it makes me sad, too. This was the vehicle we always used when we were dating and it's just sad to see it sort of 'lost'. I think DH is hoping to help it out this summer.