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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I love this picture of my brother and [part of] me. I took it about a year and a half ago...
The pp is a little brighter, but I took the picture in the dark, so it came out looking a little darker...
Edit://Hehe :) Every one seemed a little confused in my cheese spelling, but it was purposely done that way...

I was sitting at my desk, finishing up my lo, when my brother walked and saw what I was doing. As he continued to watch my progress, he hovered closely as I placed each letter carefully. Right before I placed the second 'e', he exclaimed:
"Wait! Your spelling cheese wrong!" I stared confused at the word, but couldn't figure out what he was talking about.
"What do you mean? How do you spell cheese then?"
"C-H-E-Z-Z-E" he replied calmly.
I laughed, it was so silly, and corrected his bad spelling. I thought it was cute though, but I didn't have two 'z' letters so I settled for two 's'. They're a little tilted to the side also, to emphasize the bad spelling!!
It is a little confusing. Maybe I'll change it and write out the 'z' instead. Thank you all for letting me know though, that's so sweet.
[I think I've been inspired to add a little journaling also to my lo, just to explain why it's mispelled!!]