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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

Most of the elements I used here are out of the new Oscraps collab kit "ODaddy" available at oscraps. The paper swirl is from Prima Hybrid and the dark brown paper is from Leora Sanford Sweet Stash Vol. 2 at little dreamer desigsns. The collab kit was fun to work with though!! And some of our own girls have some designs in there! :o)

Journaling Reads: Each day after naptime you say the same thing: “outside??” You always wake up at least 30 minutes before Annabelle and you jump at the opportunity to explore outside with just Mommy. We dig in the dirt, find bugs, pick flowers and play with rocks. You love to *feed* the birds little twigs that you find on the ground. You think they are pretzels. Even though there are some days I wish you would take a longer nap so I could rest I have really come to look forward to this time with you. I get to watch every little expression you make as you discover something new. And I get to hear every little word you speak as you excitedly tell me about your new discovery. I have learned so much about your personality by getting to spend some one-on-one time with you. You are so silly, and funny, very inquisitive and usually very adventurous. Some days you wake up needing endless snuggles though and I just sit in the rocking chair with you while you hold on to me like a baby kooala bear. We always get to eat a snack together an and drink some juice. There are days th you just cannot wait for Annabelle to get up and play with us too. Sometimes you will even go into her room to wake her up. Thankfully she enjoys getting woke up by you. If Mommy does it she gets really mad but if you wake her she springs out of bed ready to play with you. Sometimes you fight all afternoon but usually you both end up in your bedroom playing and pretending to be cats or old lady’s. I am not sure where the old lady game originated but the two of you made it up one afternoon. to play you simply spin in a circle and say “old lady”It’s very fun to see what kind of games you come up wit You are one creative little girl with an endless amount of imagination. I enjoy being with you and hope you keep having fun playing in the afternoons with me and with your sister. And with your baby sibling once he or she arrives. I love you little girl! You are my little snuggle bear. Love, Mom