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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Thanks for a fun challenge! Now for the other techniques--I have to try them all!!

Journaling reads:
I love hotels! Just like Kay Thompson's Eloise, I'd prefer to live on the top floor of the Plaza Hotel with a view of New York City and easy access to Central Park. I love room service, my bed turned back with chocolates on double pillows, wake up calls, dry cleaning service, the pool, and valet parking! I really feel spoiled by the bell hop, the concierge, and the elevator attendant. Ah, the lovely elevators of days gone by -- adorned with brass and carving! I just want to ride up and down and explore. Eloise describes her elevator exploits like this: I live on the top floor. Of course I am apt to be on any floor at any time. And if I want to go anywhere I simply take the elevator. For instance, if I happen to be on the second floor I just press that button until it comes up and as soon as that door is open I get in and say “5th floor please” and when those doors clank shut we ride up and I get out on the 5th floor and as soon as that elevator is out of sight I skibble up those stairs to the 8th floor and then I press that button and when that same elevator comes up and as soon as the door is open I get in and say “15th floor please” . . . and then as soon as those doors open I say “The Lobby please” and we ride down without saying absolutely one word.