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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is a photo of an 8x10 pet prtrait I did for my friend Beth.Shautzie was a beloved part of her life and has since passed.I remember sitting in the chemo suite at a hospital in Atlanta with my brother Garrett.I would wile away the hours working on putting in the color blocks for the beginning of this painting.It was the last painting he ever saw me working on before he passed.It took monthes after his death last year for me to complete it.When I did I told Beth that I could not give it to her beacuse of the memories attached to it and the dwindling days I had left with my brother.She understood and I promised her a duplicate that would be much better.A couple monthes passed and I gave her the improved version(w/ a blue portrait background).She cried,I cried and we agreed Shautzie was a hero long after his time on Earth.If it weren't for Beth and Shaautzie I still would have not picked up a paint brush.I have only done the 2 portraits since Garrett's death but at least now I know I can continue.

The portrait and the photos of it show much more detail of fur and eyes than the scan will allow.