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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

For that last few years I've been a quiet, but consistent player on SBC. I disappeared off the radar entirely a couple of months ago when I found out I had cancer. Initially the exhaustion of surgery and treatment kept me out of my scrap room, then the depression of being sick all the time kept me away. Finally I decided this pity party had to end.
This is my theraputic layout. TFL!!
Journaling: "It's definitely cancer." Dr. Morrison continued on, outlining plans of treatment, but I could not hear him over the roaring in my ears. Cancer? I have cancer?! Then the word "surgery" finally broke through the fog. By the time I could focus on his words, he was out the door in a white-coat blur.
The cancer was larger than expected. The surgeon gave me a lovely buzz cut from my ear to the top of my head. The incision was held together by 27 staples and countless sutures. Finally the entire ensemble was wrapped in a stylish guaze turban.
While still awaiting further testing, I am hopeful that some swelling and bruising is the worst of what I will have to go through. Which is why 'Is that all you got?' seemed to me like the perfect title, as others I've loved have paid a much higher price. June 2008

Note: Picture is photoshop altered. Original pic was just too graphic and too ugly to work with!