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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Journaling reads:

Good bye Kindergarten! Lillian finished her first year of school in May. It was a bitter sweet moment. Lillian
was quite a successful student, and Mrs. Holyoak adored her. Some of the highlights of the year included being
the spotlight child the first week, marching in the Halloween parade, walking to the fire station for her first
field trip, and bringing home books for homework. Lillian worked through all the books they had in their
reader’s set in just a few months, and from then on, she simply had to write down what she read. Some days,
she’d come downstairs with a whole pile of books and ask me to write them all down. Towards the end of the
year, Lillian read her first chapter book -- a Junie B. Jones book. She was so proud and excited. We were, too,
and we were surprised to find that Mrs. Holyoak had never read Junie B. Jones. So at the book fair, we bought
her a copy of “Junie B. Jones is a Beauty Shop Guy,” and she was hooked. The next week, she read it to the class
and they all drew pictures of Junie B. Jones. Lillian felt so special.

Lillian had a number of good friends by the end of the year, including a “boyfriend” who followed her around
a bit too much, in her opinion. J. really liked her and even gave her a special Valentine on Valentine’s Day.
Lillian’s other friends were M, L, M, V, and E.

Another highlight of the year was going with the boys & twins every day to pick up Lillian & Rachel D (The
Ds took her to school in the morning). We’d often get there a bit early, so the boys could play on the playground.

Kit used: Scrap to School by 3S Design Team
Program: PSE3