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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

She is one beautiful child. She is pretty. she is sassy. She gets everything she want. She can melt heart through cuteness. She is a brat. She is strong. She is a cry baby. She is a walker at 10 months. She is so talkative. She is intelligent. She calls the cat with “tat!”. She loves his big brother Lilo a lot. She cry while asleep. She misses her parents a lot. She loves to eat cereal. She can dance. She is a thumsucker. She can do beautiful eyes at 9 months. She sleeps a lot. She is playful. She loves colorful toys. She is Alyssa Maree F. Vibar.

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Once Upon A Dream by Emily Merritt & Designs by Lili

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Font: CK Handprint