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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

A little over a year ago I couldn't imagine having a little girl, now I couldn't imagine it any other way.


Everything is from Corina Nielson's "Hush" kit


I was going to have a boy. Thatís what I kept telling myself. My instincts, on the other hand, were telling me I was carrying a girl. Your dad and I wanted to be surprised; we werenít going to find out until you were born. I had dreams about baby girls, my gut felt like you were a girl; I even thought I saw the 3 spots on the ultrasound that signify a girl. But no, all that had to be wrong. I was convinced it was all in my head. If I thought you were a girl, you must surely be a boy. Besides, what do I, a true-blue tomboy, know about girls? Girls are supposed to like pink. They like dresses, like to go shopping, like talking on the phone, and donít like to get dirty. How would I raise a little girl? Not to mention a little brother would be a great playmate for Seth; someone to wrestle with, run-around and get dirty with. But then you were born, and it all changed. I heard your father calling out, ďIs it a girl? Itís a girl! Chrissy, itís a girl!Ē In all honesty, I was a little afraid. Then I lay with you in my arms while I got stitches. You were so small and pink, your fingers were tiny; I couldnít stop smiling. Any pain I had been in didnít matter so much; it was worth it to have you to hold. All my silent wishes for a boy were gone. Suddenly pink seemed soft and beautiful, like you. Instead of a little brother, Seth would have a little sister to love and protect. And I had a daughter; a sweet little girl. How could I wish for anything else, when I was blessed with the most wonderful gift in the world? I was, and still am, happy and honored to have you, my precious baby girl; my sweet surprise.