Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Once upon a time an adorable little ball of fluff came into our family. She was a gift to Caleb on his 10th birthday, in May 1994. He adored her and his affinity to cats became even more defined. We called her “Yum-Yum”. Over the years her name was affectionately morphed and she became our not-so-little “Dum-Dum”.

Big and beautiful, but shy and reclusive, she adopted Jamie as her “pet” and merely tolerated the rest of us, though Caleb was sometimes favored, as well. She lived in Jamie’s room and hid under the bed, always coming out to snuggle with Jamie and sleep on her pillow.

As the Queen Cat, she disdained all feline additions to the household. She did mellow a bit in her golden years and condescended to venture out and tolerate some company and affectionate attentions. But at last, after more than 14 years, we had to say “good-bye” and release her. Photos and fond memories remain. From little tiny kitten to big beautiful cat; she has left her paw prints on our hearts.