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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I had to make a page about the tunes, talk, and style!

The journaling in the Tunes section lists some of the songs I played as I drove the car home from the dealership:
Basket Case-Green Day
Iím Standing in the Way-Anthony Steward Head (Giles!)
Burnout-Green Day
Longview-Green Day
Dancing with Myself-Generation X
Mrs. Robinson-Simon and Garfunkel
Jailhouse Rock-Elvis Presley
Solsbury Hill-Peter Gabriel
Holiday-Green Day
Faint-Linkin Park
Pinch Me-Barenaked Ladies
As a Yank buying a Brit car, I initiated my MINI with Green Day, American punk in a Brit vein. And since the car is Giles, I had to play Gilesí song from the BtVS Once More With Feeling soundtrack. The weird thing isÖI donít think Giles likes my taste in music. I swear my little British car likes the grand operatic sound of Meatloafís Iíd Do Anything for Love (But I Wonít Do That)! Big music for a little car. And I still prefer my punk.

The journaling in the Talk section is a bunch of British words with definitions. I highlighted in blue all words that were specifically car-related:
Ace-brilliant Aerial-car antenna Afters-dessert Aggro-trouble All Right?-hello, how are you? Arse-ass Barmy-crazy Banger-an old car or hoop die Belt Up-shut up Blower-telephone Boffin-nerd Bonce-your head Bonnet-car hood Boot-car trunk Bottle-courage Brassed Off-pissed off Butty-sandwich Cack-Handed-clumsy Car Park-parking lot Central Reservation-median Chips-Fries Chuffed-pleased Cock Up-mistake Diversion-detour Flat-apartment Flyover-overpass Garden-yard Gearstick-stick shift Give it Welly-trying harder Grockles-tourists Hooter-car horn Jam Sandwich-police car Jammy-lucky Jersey-sweater Jolly-very Loo-bathroom Lounge-living room Lorry-Truck Mileometer-odometer Motorway-freeway Namby Pamby-wimpy Paraffin-kerosene Pavement-sidewalk Petrol-gasoline Posty-mailman Power Point-electrical socket Potty-a little crazy Prang-dent Quite-absolutely Row-argument Scrummy-delicious Skive-evade something Slip Road-entry or exit ramp Sod All-nothing Spanner-wrench Splash Out-spend too much money Sprog-baby Stonker-huge Tailback-bumper to bumper traffic Telly-television Tick Over-idling Tickety-boo-going very well Toff-well spoken, upper class To Let-for rent Ton-100 mpg Transport Cafť (caff)- truck stop Verge-road shoulder White Goods-appliances Wing-car fender Winker-car turn signal Yank-American You Lot-you guys

The style section doesn't have any journaling, unless you count the word "MINI" on my shirt. The word and the shirt are the same color, so it doesn't show up well in this photo.

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