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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Well, i sure do hope this does not offend anyone because it was not intended to..i am more concerned about what i journaled than the here dgd Karissa when she was very little...this is scenic route paper and stickers and the word freedom i printed out on transparency...the ribbon, flowers, beads etc all came from a fabric store... i used my photoshop prgram to enlarge and cut out the large peace sign tattoo that was on her lil butt cheek! LOL the pic was not good of it! sorry. and NO IT IS NOT A REAL TATTOO!! LOL....the journaling reads...KARISSA, rED PAINTED TOES, TATTOOS ON YOUR CUTE LITTLE CHEEK,...IT'S CALLED ....FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, AND THAT IS JUST ONE OF THE MANY REASONS PEOPLE LIVE OR DIE FOR, NOT ONLY OUR COUNTRY...BUT ALSO SO THAT OTHERS MAY KNOW WHAT " FREEDOM " TRULY MEANS...... TFL!!