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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

For 6 Challenges:
1. Aug. Bling Challenge By: Bling Fairy Vivian. I'm sure this is the blingiest lo that I ever made. Click for a new window to see the sparkles better. Hard to get all sparkles in photo. I love the whole lo turned out so sparkly in real life. Bling I used: 3 big pink flowers, 4 swirls adhesive rhinestones, 13 big and 69 medium acrylic jewels, 1 orange butterfly rhinestone, 15 pearls, 5 gold star brads and 1 small circle on top of yellow ribbon, 23 beads except her name, letter A beads, 1 gold butterfly, green stickles dots on top border, 2 clips, 2 pins, I used silver metallic ink the swirls stamps, all flowers with glitters and the edges of the pics, I used brush on glitter paint in the bg of the big pic.
2. Aug.Someone Adorable with touch of Yellow by: fablady. The yellow touches I used the big flower, inking the edges of the photos, word *adorable*. The twist I used small yellow bow. Hope not so much yellow.
3. Aug. Be Creative in Journaling Challenge by: fablady. The ribbon on top has journaling that describe the pics. It says *adorable, sweet, cute, precious, cuddly. The twist I used just one big white button on top of big yellow flower.
4. Aug. Swirls Challenge by: Rusha. Twist to use some bling.
5. *Ongoing* Scrap it green - challenge/discussion group By: Shells22. I used the plastic net from the asian noodles that I kept it for a long time. Finally I used it for this challenge.
6. August Techniques Challenge w/an EDGE by: TripletMomS.
techniques I used:
1. stamping- the border swirls, the bg swirls and flowers, the title- I stamped the cs then cut from the cricut
2. layering- the pics, the pink flowers with yellow on the bottom corners, the title
3. painting- I painted the bg with brush on glitter paint
4. dooling- around the flowers on the bottom corners
5. inking- around the pics with yellow ink, the title with metallic silver ink and around the whole page.
6. crimped- the cs border top and bottom of the big photo
Embellishments I used:
1. flowers 2. brads 3. beads 4. acrylic jewels 5. button 6. pins 7. clips 8. glitter 9. metal- gold butterfly 10. gems-pink flowers and orange butterfly 11. paint 12. stickers 13. ribbon 14. plastic net 15. pearls
I had so much fun doing this lo. My first time to used the adhesive rhinestone and I had a hard time to put it on. it's really messy! I used the Brush on Gliter Paint on the background and used my clearstamps again still messy I couldn't get it right. On the bottom part I cut the cs into half then cut it scallop on the other side then I crocheted following the scallop. I added pearls where I punched it. The top border is easier for me to crochet it's straight line. I added big acrylic jewel too. I love the letter A and her name how it turned out, so much fun to do.
I really love these photos of Angela when she was 4 monts old.