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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

Journaling (on back) Reads:
I do not know if you ever follow your dogs after they leave your rescue, but if you are interested, I have the success story for you. I adopted my dog from Katie’s Rescue on April 15, 2006. He was a Pekingese puppy who was left at your rescue with his brother. He is blonde and his brother was black with a white spot on his chest. I picked him up at a remote location when he was nine weeks old (his birthday is February 11, 2006). When he was at your rescue his name was Harvey, but now his name is Aslan. He is named after the lion in the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. As soon as I saw him I fell in love with him. It was truly love at first sight—he was the CUTEST little guy. I do not know how anyone could have not wanted him, and I was lucky enough to be able to adopt him. Aslan was also a very sweet puppy. He has a great temperament and is too smart for his own good... and a little mischievous too! Today, I could not imagine my life without him.
Aslan is my baby boy, my best friend, and my biggest supporter. You see, Aslan is not just a pet. He is also a Psychiatric Service Dog. That is different than a Therapy Dog who would visit people in hospitals or nursing homes. I am Aslan’s sole handler and he helps me, a person with a disability, function successfully in society. I have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and I have bipolar disorder. When Aslan was young I noticed that his behavior would change drastically when I was having a bipolar episode of mania or depression. When I am manic, this usually even tempered dog turns into a crazy dog. He acts like the wild dog of Borneo. The thing that is amazing is that he starts to act that way about one to two weeks before I realize that anything is wrong with my mood. Somehow he senses the episode before I (or anyone else) know it is coming. When I am having a depressive episode, he turns into a Velcro dog who will not let me be alone which is unusual for him because he is very independent and likes to think for himself. This also happens one to two weeks before I even begin to feel depressed. It is amazing what he can do! So Aslan does not just help me by making me feel better by being a great dog, but he can actually alert me to bipolar episodes before I know they are coming. This gives me the opportunity to work with my doctor to prevent the episode from getting worse.
Aslan has made it possible for me to go to college and get my Bachelor of Arts degree in theology, he has made it possible for me to work (which I could not do when I was sick with a bipolar episode), and he has now made it possible for me to go to Duke University’s Graduate School to get my Master’s degree and then my PhD! There is no way that I could have been so successful without having Aslan as an alert dog. I would have spent so much of my life being depressed or manic and not able to function in society. But over the last year or so (since he started alerting) I have been able to hold down two steady jobs and I have been accepted into Duke University’s Graduate School. I have been more successful this last year than I had been in a long time—and it is all because of Katie’s Rescue and the wonderful volunteers who cared for my baby until he could come to his forever home. Thank You! Thank You! THANK YOU! I know this is not much, but please accept these things Aslan and I are donating to you. I hope you can use some of them to make the lives of the dogs in your care much better and to comfort them until they find their forever homes too.