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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

2 yrs. ago I transformed my son into a Werewolf for Halloween. This LO highlights the excitement of the holiday and the piecing together of a costume. The 2 x 2 card keeper, when pulled up, holds the descriptive pieces of the costume and when pulled down, reveals hidden journaling.

Quite honestly – Halloween is my favorite holiday. I can remember trick or treating as a child like it was yesterday. The rustling of the leaves as we shuffled from one house to the other in Upstate New York. Fall, in
all its glory. I can also remember all of my costumes, never store bought, but always created by Mom, Dad, even Grandma! It was always exciting to see how my costume would come together.
I now share my excitement for this fun holiday with my kids.Halloween silliness has become a family tradition as we plan and prepare weeks in
advance. Preparing the costumes involves making decisions such as:TO BE CREEPY OR NOT TO BE CREEPY!
I did Noah’s wolf transformation without him seeing himself.When he turned around and looked in the mirror, he really couldn’t believe it! He scared himself at first!
Dressing up in our homemade creations,creating a haunted garage, carving at least 6
pumpkins and acting the part is what we all look forward to. The best part is spending time together and celebrating with our families, friends, and neighbors.

Costume Description:
1 Army Baseball Cap, Rubber Wolf Ears, Brownish-Black theater make-up applied heavily, wolf face application, brillo-like hair applied with glue substance, 1 cut-up, glow-in-the-dark skeleton t-shirt, hairy gloves (not shown), 1 pair of fatigues, and 1 cute 6 yr. old boy howling at the moon.

RP products used:
Halloween Orange paper
Halloween Stripes paper
Jack-O-Lantern paper
Beach House Green paper
Lg. walnut tag
Sm. walnut tag
2 x 2 card keeper - husk
Teresa Sport Stamps
Inks: Olive, Pumpkin, Black, and Van Dyke Brown

Other products used:
Deluxe Cuts: skeleton
Various ribbon
Various rub-ons
Fonts: struck dead, arvigo, chiller
my personal favorite: salvaged metal embellishments found in Vermont!

layout by Alison Reynolds