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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I had looking at that photo for a long time without to know what I should do with it.
The checkered paper it's the only I've to fit with the shirt that my DD have, but the colors are not the same, I think it looks good anyway.
The big letters at their names are chipboard and all the hearts are distressed like the tag. I made the circle of goldpaper and added some rhinestones, ribbons and a stickled flourish. I made the tails of three different yarns that I've plaits and I did two holes on the photo and fasten the tails on the backside of the photo.
All the doodlings are made by freehand.
The Swedish text on the checkered paper means; Ours little trolls!
Journaling text means; You both are ours beloved little trollkids either you are dressed up or not!! You both loved to dressed up to different figures when you both are small kids.
My DD have a wires in her plaits and my DS have ruffle his hair and I think they are the cutest troll in the world on this photo! :-) They holds their tails in the hands.:-) TFL!!