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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is a LO completed for the Lots of Pics Scrappin' Chicks Support Group mini challenge of the week. It needed to include: 1. At least least four photos. (Mine has nine.) 2. One photo had to be double mounted. (The big one in the middle is mounted on the bright yellow square and with the green circle.) 3. It was supposed to have hidden journaling. (Mine has a folded pull out tag with the green ribbon attached.) 4. It needed to include flowers of some sort... pp, or the more 3-D variety. (I have two floral pp's and two material flowers.) 5. Finally, it needed to include a box title/scallop border. (This is where I didn't do so well. I have a scalloped border on the page itself, and a scallop around the title, but really no box. Ooops!) Guess I didn't quite meet all the requirements.

Each of the tiny photos (starting at the flower and going around to the flower again) has a even tinier number printed on it 1-8 that show what we've dubbed a licking fest. Both kitties affectionately trying to lick/groom each other at the same time. And of course the end result is normally the middle picture.

Journaling reads: What my DH and I wanted most in our new two kitty household was a friendly bond between the two of them. So, we followed the shelter suggestions and adopted a pair that was supposed to get along very well together. For the first week or so though, they didn't seem to want to associate with each other at all. Of course, looking back now, we have realized that we had forgotten the obvious. And that was that they had been locked together inside a cage for a little too long and were suddenly loose inside a large, interesting new house. Once they had gotten a little free space and some of their curiosity satisfied, Blossom and Midnight were more than ready to demonstrate just how chummy, cuddly and sweet to each other they could really be. Indeed, they showed us that they are Best Buddies.