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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This LO is the left page of a two page interactive spread. It depicts a 1957 loggin camp in S.E. Alaska, when the industry was booming. "The Good"
refers to the giant old growth trees, of which there were plenty, "In the Good Old Days". The tiny figures next to the trucks give you an idea of just how large these giants were. The trucks dumped their loads into the bay where they were bundled up into rafts and floated to Ketchikan by tug boats.
This page features a tag which gives more details. In addition. under the green photo layer, a pull tab at the bottom of the page, magically and simutaniousy, displays a legend for 1957. The top kinetic shows the most popular music, movies etc. of the day, as well as prices of popular items. The lower pull out displays a month by month time line of important events. (Detail pages are included.) *