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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is a page that I did quite a while ago but finally got it back from my LSS to scan in and put in my own album :)

I didn't know that I would actually miss having a dog. Sadie stayed with us for a few short weeks and the entire time I counted the days until Katie took her back. Dogs were smelly, needy, messy, and craved all the attention my newborn son deserved. I have a four foot wide dead area on my back lawn thanks to her, muddy paw prints all over the carpet, and a house that forever seemed to smell like dog. So who would have thought that after all that misery, I would miss her terribly? I would shed tears while finding chewed up tennis balls in the yard. I would smile at the sweet memory of walking her every morning in freezing temperatures. I would save her leash and bones just to have that slight smell of dog somewhere in my house. How could I have known that I would miss her so?