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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Heritage page of my Mother. My great grandmother wrote the poem; it reads:

Everyone wants to steal
Our dear lassie Nancy Neil,
Has a little turned-up nose,
Lovely hair and goodness knows,
She’s sweet from head to heel.

She is now a young maiden of eight,
And tis true she’s a long time to wait
Before thinkin’ of marriage
And babies in a carriage,
So why worry and fret about fate.

She is loosin’ her teeth one by one,
And when she grins gosh! She’s a hon,
But don’t let ‘em tease you,
That gap that you sneeze through
Soon will shimmer like snow in the sun

I know she has beauty and class,
And all the boys flirt when they pass,
But believe it or not
A kiss or a swat
Will be handled O.K. by that lass.

An so, my dear little Nancy
Your Granny does love you immensely
And just take it from me
Be as good as can be,
And your life will be full, free and fancy.

Cordelia Jewett Harvey