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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

When we went to Disneyland a few years ago, Ariel was my DD's absolute favorite princess. We finally had a chance to meet her in her mermaid form...and she was in HEAVEN!!! She absolutely was floating on air after she finished talking to was awesome to see her that happy, I was so glad that I was there to witness it and that I was able to capture that moment.

Word Art/Title - Sue Cummings (oscraps) Simply Quick No.11
Everything Else - Britt-ish Designs (scrapmatters) Mermaid Lagoon
Template - Britt-ish Designs Creative Block Template No.1

Journaling:the last day at disneyland and we finally had a chance to meet your favorite princess. you stood in line for over half an hour, had a 10 minute talk with her and it was the highlight of the trip. so happy i was there to capture it.