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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I didn't have a picture of my great-grandfather who was wounded in the Civil War, so I used these pictures from an old history book. The quote says," Old stories, like a priceless HEIRLOOM, are a golden thread to the PAST; MASTERFULLY entwined with the PRECIOUS lives of strength and character that are our ANCESTORS. The journaling reads: "My father used to tell me a story about his grandfather who fought in the Civil War. Since his mother's father would have been too young, I have to assume he was talking about his father's father--Thomas J. Garrett. According to my father, Thomas J. was shot through the elbow, permanently damaging the joint. My dad said his grandfather liked to entertain the children by swinging his lower arm round and round in a circle from the elbow. I have no pictures of him, but perhaps these generic photographs can help us remember him and his sacrifices." The caption under the soldier says, "Could Thomas J. have looked similar to this Confederate soldier?" and the caption under the upper picture says, "A wounded soldier receives treatment."