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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Journaling: I admit it, I have to make the worst buns in the world. Heck, a ponytail is a challenge. Figures my daughters would pick activities that require buns and ponytails. For Michelle's ballet recital, I had to go to the internet and try and find a video of how to make a bun. I was so proud when one of the other Mom's said, "Now, that is THE PERFECT BUN!" She asked if I could give her lessons and I admitted that I, too am a bun dyslexic Mom. We laughed and I realized I am not alone. many of us suffer with this devastating ailment.

Journaling on the photo pointing to my daughter: Look at that face! She is very aware of my problem. I think that was the 4th time I remade her bun! I've been trying to talk her into Soccer instead of ballet (not really).