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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

A 2 page layout of my daughter on Halloween. I just loved how her pictures turned out. She was SO cute! I have hidden journalling on tags behind a photo.

Halloween 2005

Fun was to be had by all this Halloween. You started celebrating the holiday first thing in the morning when you got dressed up in your witch costume for daycare. You weren’t a very scary witch..... more on the cute and friendly side. You brought treat bags to all your daycare friends for the Halloween party! You were having so much fun Trick-or-Treating to all the different rooms at daycare. Then I picked you up to meet Auntie Amy, Alex, Nick, and Abby at the Plains Art Museum. We had so much fun at the museum. They had all kinds of activities to do including making a Trick-or-Treat bag, coloring pictures, and painting! Of course, everyone thought you were SO CUTE!

After the Art Museum, we all met at Auntie Amy’s house for Trick-or-Treating around the neighborhood. Since the weather was chilly (40 degrees) you dressed up in a Bear costume, which you looked adorable in! At first you didn’t care much for running from door to door (although, pressing the doorbell was fun), you really wanted to pull the wagon around. You would not let mommy or Aunt Joan help, you could do it yourself! By the time we were finished you would pull the wagon up the driveway, run up to the door, ring the doorbell and say T... T (for trick-or-treat) and hold your bucket out! You brought smiles to so many faces with your costume and excited face! When it came time to go home, you would not let go of your Elmo Halloween bucket so I let you keep it with you in your car seat. Little did I know you were not going to go to fall a sleep but you wanted to eat the candy instead. All of the sudden, I hear you ripping paper and I smell chocolate! “Yummmmmmm” “Yummmmmm”