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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

this was just to funny, I had to journal about it and share it... I still burst into giggles every time I think about it..

Several days ago Taye had questions about eating, "why do we have to eat all the time mommy?"

Because if we don't eat we will die, that is the way God made our bodies, to need healthy food and water to stay alive.

ok, so today we are sitting down to lunch and Taye and Carter J began to argue. When I told Taye that it was enough he crossed his arms and threw a dramatic fit. " FINE, I won't eat and then I'll die and you'll miss me and be sorry."
I ignored the first threat so he got more dramatic, finally I picked him up and took him to the living room.
The next thing I know he is at the door to the kitchen SCREAMING "Please mommy, please I don't want to die, please I don't want to die, let me eat please, I'd miss you if I died!"

Yes, this is my TAYE as dramatic as they come! I couldn't help but burst out laughing poor guy, he just looks up at me so forlorn and says "mommy, it's not funny, I really don't want to die."

So this picture is Taye, back at the table finishing his lunch so that he won't die!