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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I created this paper plate and flatware holder for holidays and special occasions using one Paper Plate Holder kit from Carolee's Creations and the ingenuity of my husband. The kit comes with the front side of what you see in the photo but my DH cut another front piece and a new bottom piece (that was about 1/4" wider than the original) to make our own "customized creation".

He also used longer dowels than came with the kit (two of them run through the center piece and into the front and back pieces on each side). His new-and-improved version fits the needs of our family much better. DH said he would have saved a TON of time if he'd just had two kits to glue together. Maybe his grief will be your blessing:).

I searched all over town for three 3"x3"x4" containers to fit in the flatware section (for knives, fork & spoons). I couldn't find anything. One night, in desperation I searched the warehouse and found the perfect fit - the Croppin' Companion pencil holder.

The border on the Bon Appetit plaque was olive green so I colored over it with black permanent marker. Once all pieces were covered with patterned paper and glued and nailed into place. the pencil holders glued in and the plaque added, I sealed the entire piece with a thin coat of clear acrylic spray. Then, I sealed it with a light coat of ModPodge and finished with several coats of clear acrylic spray to help waterproof the whole thing.

The black and white polka dot pattern helps the holder be non-generic so it can be decorated for any occasion. The ribbons are tied to a black, elastic pony tail holder so it's easy to take them on and off.

Here I embellished and accessorized the holder for Veteran's Day (or the 4th of July).

This makes a great gift.