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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

Thi page was done for the November page challenge...Challenge #1 your tradtitons

The holidays are always my favorite time of the year. Now, I’m not just talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas…I mean all year round. From New Years to Christmas…I love every moment and here is why.

New Years: As we all know New Years takes place in January. This is the time of year everyone gets out their scales to find out how much weight they have gained over the holidays… ie Christmas! As a little girl I never got to stay up for this holiday. It was a bummer because I always felt like I was missing out on something. I would hear from my bed my Parents, older brothers, and sisters watching the last 10 seconds of Dick Clark counting down…wishing I could see the ball. Then finally when I turned 11 I got to stay up and watch the whole thing. I remember feeling so grown up and then feeling so tired after that last ten seconds because the excitement was over…good by old and hello new. For me the best part about the New Year isn’t the ball, but rather the day after. New Years day! On New Years day in California, we have our annual Rose Parade. This is no small thing. All the horse come out with their beautiful riders on them, all the school band from all around come to play and only the best of the best flowers are picked to cover the floats going down the streets of Pasadena. If you can’t make it out to the parade…it’s no big deal, because it’s broadcast on TV the entire day.

Valentines Day: In February we celebrate love on Valentine’s Day…it’s also the day we celebrate my Dad’s Birthday. On the 14th (Valentine’s Day) my Dad was bound to end up with heart birthday cards. As a kid it was always the theme I would go with while making cards and gifts, but besides that I also loved this holiday for the giving of cards tradition. I loved making my cards every year. The giving of cards always worked like this… you give a card to those friends that are on your cool list and then hope that you’ll be on someone’s cool list and end up with the most cards. I was always a planner and started making my cards in January just make to sure everyone got one…it bettered my chances for more cards.

St. Patrick’s Day: In March on this day you’ll find people all around wearing Green just so they won’t get pinched. I’ve always thought this was a weird Holiday, but I still enjoyed it because my mom always asked if you had on green and if you didn’t boy she was always ready to pinch.

Easter: April is such a beautiful month. The rain is finally stopping, but because of all the rain this month has so many green Trees and Gorgeous flowers everywhere. My Mother is a gardener (by hobby) and would always plant all her bulbs in January…so by Easter springtime is everywhere.
As children we would stay up late the night before dyeing eggs for the hunt on Easter day. We always forgot to buy rubber gloves so our hands won’t be green…Pink… or Yellow (well, brown because by the time you put your fingers in all the colors…they’ll turn brown). Then the next morning the Easter Bunny would come as he does every year leaving our baskets on the dinning room table filled with yummy treats. Fun times.
After half the candy is gone my Sisters, Brothers and I would put on our new dresses and ties that Mom had made a few days earlier and head off for church. I loved this day…because all the girls and ladies would wear their spring hats. After church was done… we would come home to all the hidden Easter eggs. I would always remember every hiding spot and would always find tons of eggs.

Mothers Day & Fathers Day: These holidays take place in May and June. As a child I made my “best of best” art work and hoped my Mom and Dad loved it. I didn’t realize how much this meant to my Mother until one year around the time I was about to get married…My mother gave me some of this art work that she had saved. It was fun looking back on all the art work. All the “I love you mommy and daddy”’s. Now that I’m a Mother I love this holiday even more and am looking forward to those sweet heart felt cards.

Independence Day: Oh what a FUN holiday this one is. Sitting around on a hot summer day…Drinking soda or lemonade…eating yummy watermelon… and talking with good friends and family! Then at nighttime you would set all your money on fire…no just kidding! There is something so wonderful about being able to light fireworks and watch their beauty. It truly makes me soooooooo grateful for our freedom in this beautiful country. As children this holiday was a big one for us. I have many family members that served in past wars so we would also celebrate them giving of their time.
On every 4th of July we would have all our family get together and catch up on lost times since last Dec. My favorite part about this holiday growing up was, my mother always flying the American flag and my Dad playing patriotic music so loud that the whole neighborhood could hear it.

Labor Day: This is another great American holiday. we celebrated every year in our family growing up. We would go on long road trips before school was back in. Every year my family would pack our bags for a week and would head off to Utah. As we would travel to Utah my Dad would play “The Messiah” every time…you know the song that goes…” hallelujah … hallelujah” Yep the whole 12 hour drive there.

Halloween: What a holiday this is. This just happens to be my birthday. On Oct.31.1981 at 2:53 am I was born and ever since then I’ve loved this holiday…in fact I love it soooooooo much that orange is my favorite color. Every year growing up my Mother would always make the biggest deal about this day. She would always make me the best costumes and the best cakes. Then at nighttime we would go out (my brothers, sisters and I) would go out to “trick or treat”. We lived in the same house my whole life which meant that all our neighbors knew it was my birthday. Every house that I went to gave me presents and king size candy bars. I got so much stuff that I always needed a pillow case to carry it all. Oh, and there is one more great thing about this day. Every year our local refinery would give out free caramel popcorn and I would always get tons of it because …of course it was my birthday.

Thanksgiving: Yet another holiday where you sit around with all the family and eat until your buttons pop! This holiday was great…my Mom would always make the best pies and mashed potatoes! I’ll never forget this holiday because every year my mother would cook the turkey gizzards just so Grandpa Bud could eat them…yep, I know gross, huh! Then when I married Jason…I found out that he liked them too. Yep Gross. I know!!! Nowadays when we celebrate this holiday my Mom had to get out tons of tables…just to fit everyone around the room. Boy our family has grown.

Christmas: Who couldn’t love Christmas! This is the time of year all the weight really comes on. With all my Mother’s yummy food she makes and all the candy from Santa! Boy you’d hope that Santa would bring you some stretchy pants! One year my family didn’t have a lot of money for gifts…so my mother came up with this great idea to give everyone $20 and they had to make homemade gifts for all. What a funny thing this turned out to be. Some people got cool things and others well…not so cool… (JON!!!) I love this holiday also for the fact that everyone comes together one more time to celebrate not only the end of the year, but also the birthday of Christ our Savior, giving to others, singing around the piano as my Father played, and opening our gifts the day after.

Birthdays: As if you didn’t have enough great holidays throughout the year…there are birthdays as well. What a fun thing it is to sing to the ones you love… “Happy birthday day to you”. Did you catch that? HAPPY is the key word! I love to sing that song. Wishing a loved one more year of a happy life. What a great thing life is. Some people worry about growing old, but I don’t. I look forward to every new gray hair, every gorgeous wrinkle, having Grandchildren, and much more. Most of all I’m grateful for my Mother teaching me it’s okay to grow up! What a wonderful thing life can be!

Well, so as you can see I love it all…all year long. What a wonderful thing traditions are. I’m so grateful for my Mother and my Father making them a BIG OL’ part of our lives. I know it’s because of all this…our family is so strong and made it throw life hard challenges.

WOW...that was a lot of read...wasn't it? Yep...Thanks for looking ladies