Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is my son, my hero!!

Ask any soldier what the word freedom means to them what the price of freedom is. It means many things to them. What is the cost of freedom from the eyes of a mother? I will tell you. It means countless hours of worry. Time away from your family and not hearing from your boy for days, weeks sometimes months. It means many tears, tears of fear, tears of heartache, tears because of the void of not having him with you, tears or joy and excitement when you hear his voice on the line or the message he's sent or left for you. It means countless nights without sleep. It also fills you with joy knowing your son is doing something honorable, something to be proud of. To know your soldier is keeping you safe while you are enjoying life as we know it. In our comfortable homes with all the luxuries we've come accustomed to. Knowing that he is in a place where the weather is unpredictable, were he is not safe, were he will see things no 20 year old should ever have to witness. Freedom to me is a luxury we all take for granted. Freedom means that at any moment he may be taken away from us. It means he may watch one of his be called home. It means he may come home a different person. Freedom isn't free.

The Soldier's Mother's Creed
I am the mom of an American soldier I give my complete and unwavering support to my soldier As my son serves the people of the United States So I humbly offer up prayers for his safety and the safety and health of those he serves beside I respect his choice to adhere to a strict and moral code and A system of values that has preserved our country for over two centuries I accept that my soldiers first duty to his country and I Understand that his sacrifice he willing makes Is what keeps our nation great I will never expect anything but the best from my soldier I know he is capable know that a soldier's heart is true and strong And that my soldier will endure I will never abandon my soldier, my son I will love him unconditionally He will know that I am there with him even when he's alone I am disciplined, emotionally and mentally tough Learning to wait for phone calls, letters, emails home I, like my soldier, am an expert I stand ready to do whatever I can do to let my son, my soldier know that we are here for him, stand behind him, we love him and I will pray for swift destruction of the enemies of our country I am the person who stood guardian of this man who has become my soldier Now our guardian of freedom and the American way of life I am the proud mother of an American Soldier

Photo taken by me August and miss you so much son!!