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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

For the November scrap pack challenge. Items used as follows:
drywall tape is covered by ivory fabric, which is topped with dotten ribbon, the burgandy ribbon and some of the mirrors, the fiber is run across the top of the lo
the rubber bands are formed to make my "atom"
the flowers are layered with one of the toothed washers in the center
the lace runs down either side of the lo
the wire is looped through the jounaling square
the large flat washer is used for part of my "female" symbol
the diamond steel paper encases the photo and also to finish my "female" symbol,
the other toothed washer is stacked on one of the small washers as a center to my "atom"
2 remaining washers on each side of journaling tag
remaining mirror tiles on journaling tag.