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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

It was always the plan to get Claire’s food allergies tested again when she was ready to start Kindergarten. Her blood was drawn at a different lab that uses the Mayo Clinic for testing; better results, Dr. Brown said. Claire never complains, not even a sound when she is stuck with the needle. The nurse called about a week later and said that she had good news. Claire was no longer allergic to eggs or peanuts. What?!? She hadn’t had a reaction in a while, but she also hadn’t been exposed for a while. And her big owie spot on her leg had just cleared up after many months. Well, she is still allergic to grass and tress and still has eczema which caused that. THREE YEARS of total avoidance. “Can I have scrambled eggs?” Claire asked right away. Not right away. First eggs were introduced baked in foods first, then a week after no reaction she got her scrambled eggs. Then peanut contaminated foods, then peanut butter. Nothing. This girl is cured! And you better believe she gets any food that she wants. Doughnuts for breakfast two Saturdays in a row? You got it!