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Give a Cheer
Give a Cheer

This is some thing I did when our only son moved home from TX. His wife got a job first so he had to be Mr, Mom for a while. We all teased him. There was a song I think it was called Mr. Mom. Lonestar sang it. We used to sing it to him. Pampers melt in the Maytag dryer, crayons go up one drawer higher. Rewind barney for the fifteenth time. Breakfast, six.Naps at nine.There's bubble gum in the baby's hair, sweet potatoes in my laxy chair. It's crazy all day longand it's only Monday Mr. Mom. He loved it. But saw it was hard work. I spelled is wrong on purpose because my son was a had ADHD and never did too good on spelling. For instance he spelled chili Chilly on the container he put it in after he made it. I still have that bowl. Lost him to TX the LONESTAR STATE, he moved back there. This hangs in my doorway to remind me of our year together.