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A page for round 2 of the Daisy Diner Scrap-off over at Cocoa Daisy (I made it through last week - yippee!!). I've had this page in mind for quite a while now, and this was the perfect time to put it together! I wanted to stay with the circle scheme of the sketch they provided to achieve the look of a color wheel, so the paint color swatches were perfect. (Acid-neutralizing spray is my friend! :o) I used acrylic paint here to create the letter mask in "colorful."

JOURNALING: Baby dolls and cars; a blanket and a stuffed puppy dog; a row of eight shoes lined up side by side. So much joy in these little things, during these days when our children's everyday objects comprise our family's own little masterpiece. Around our home - November 2008.

Thanks for stopping by to take a peek! :o)