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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Not the best layout I've ever done, but it actually fits the way my daughter's "about me" book is set up. Also, it didn't photograph well...but it's done!

Here's how I used the stuff....

1. Coffee filter - distressed and used as journaling cover
2. patterned paper - cut and adhered to coffee filter as inside of journaling book
3. swatches of fabric - pulled red and green threads out and cross stitched christmas tree on white
4. Metal ornament hangers - cut jump rings and joined to make two chains
5. CD - removed foil to make large flakes of glitter, and glued to red ribbon
6. silver disks - attached to chains, one on book, one on christmas tree
7. line ruled rolodex card - journaling block inside book
8. loose rhinestones - glued to disks, top of christmas tree and on pearl bead loop
9. minty dental floss - sewn binding of book
10. white pearl beads - made a loop and used as base of christmas tree...hung chain and 3 disks from it.
11. glitter - around titles and on journaling book
12. red velvet ribbon - hung on right side of paper.