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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

December Scrap Pack~
1. Coffee filter used behind the picture.
2. Patterned Paper used as title.
3. White fabric used under photo mat, Red & Green fabric used as a gift boxes.
4. Ornament hangers used in the corners of the photo mats.
5. CD used as the snowman body.
6. Silver disks -2-silver disks used in snowmans scarf. 3 used as buttons and one used as a pom pom in the snowman's hat.
7.Rolodex card - used for journaling.
8. Rhinestones - 2 used in the middle of the bows on the presents. 5 used on the snowman hat - on used on the i.
9. Dental floss used on gift boxes, around the scarf, and to tie on the silver disks on the scarf.
10. 10 pearls on the snowman hat.
11. Glitter used on silver disks as snowmans buttons and on pompom of snowmans hat, and glitter on the outline the title.
12. Red ribbon - used as the scarf and along the rolodex card.