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DeeAnn and I decided to leave our husbands at home and be each others' dates. The reunion was at 6:30 so I met up with DeeAnn at her parents' house at 6. We weighed the options of getting there early or later, and decided we'd rather be there first and watch everybody else arrive than be there later and have all eyes on us when we walked in.

When we got there, we talked to a few people we hadn't seen in ages and got our nametags, complete with our graduation picture! We had dinner and got caught up with old friends. At one point each of us got up and told what we had done for the past ten years. I reluctantly did it because I'm NOT good at public speaking. DeeAnn and I left around 10 or 10:30. It was a good time but things were winding down.

There was a pretty good turnout, but sadly there were quite a few people that I wished would have been there. However, I did get to catch up with old friends Ryann and Ann.