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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This was done for the Dec Scrap pack challenge. I think it turned out kind of simple, but that is life.

coffee filter: put over ribbon to make frame around pic
2 patterned papers: cut to form shape of tree. painted green and brown.
3 pieces of fabric: cut to make "presents"
4 ornament hangers: used as hangers
5" CD: used center as template for the silver and gold ornaments on tree
6 disks: 4 are hung in center with 2008 on it, other 2 are in corners of tree with silver/gold on it
rolodex card: CD was used as template and 18 circles cut out and made into ornaments
8 rhinestones: on tree
9 ft dental floss: used as the "ribbon" accent on the presents
10 pearl beads: on tree individually
glitter: silver and gold on ornaments on tree
red ribbon: under coffee filter around pic, bow cut out on pic, red accent on presents