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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is a lo I put together in memory of my aunt who was murdered several months ago. Our family had always been close when i was young but something happened and they got distant still talked but not that much. As sad as it is to say when you was killed it brought a bond together that is unbreakable and we have her to thank for that. There is hidden journaling that reads Remembering: You will always be remembered for the person you were and the smiles you brought. You will forever be loved and truley be missed. At the bottom I just happened to here this song as I was picking pictures out Kenney Chesney who'd you be today and picked so lyrcs out of it. Dunny days seem to gurt the most. I wear the pain like a heavy coat. Feel you everywhere I go. I see your smile, I see your face, I hear you laughin' in the rain. I still cant believer your gone. It aint' fair you died too young. LIke the story that just begun, but death tor the pages all away. God knows how I miss you, all the hell that I've been through, just knowing no-one could take your place. And smetimes I wonder, who'd you be today? Sunny days hurt the most. I wear the pain like a heavy coat. the only thing that give me hope, is I knwo I'll see you again someday. The pictures are of a fundraiser we had for funerral expensive there was no insurance nor arrangements so here 2 kids have it rough. thanks for looking