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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

7Gypsies Sommes paper with Anna Griffin paper for background. Walnut inked the Anna Griffin paper. Corrugated black cardstock, crumpled and walnut inked Dawn Bazzil cardstock for photo mat. Nostalgiques tag and Historical poemstone for tag on picture. "Young Face" in Nostalgique Aged Typewriter stickers. "Old Soul" in Foof-A-Bets, also walnut inked.

Large tag at bottom left - large aged tags by 7Gypsies along with the 7Gypsies Adore paper. Used 7Gypsies Papier paper for the envelope and as well as the 7Gypsies silver box closure. Stamp is Nostalgiques sticker with a charm at the top. Envelope opens to reveal a small tag with "March 2003" stamped on it.

Small tag upper right - small aged tags by 7Gypsies, defined stickers by MM, 7Gypsies Papier paper, and two embellishments by "Dress It Up" buttons.

Journaling says:

"Who was I in another life? Did I even have another life? Itís possible. Iíve always been rather fascinated with the fact that I may have lived before. Maybe a peasant? Perhaps a Queen?? Probably more like a gypsy. I truly believe that we have lived past lives and those lives have some impact on what we do and how we live today. Iíve always had a free spirit and have never followed the normal way of doing things or normal way of thinking. I question the unquestionable and think the unthinkable. I push ideas to their utmost limits and when I take on something Ö. whether itís a hobby, project, career, etc Ö. I do so with the intent of doing it 150% or not at all. So what was I in another life anyway? Hmmmmm Ö. I donít know what it was but I know that even if I could, I wouldnít change a thing as that would change the course of my life. And I love my life and couldnít be happier."