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My dh and I "showing off" our sunburn, that we had gotten in less than an hour on the beach! This was a terrible vacation! WE started out in Jim & Margaret's van, with us in the van and the guy's in a 4-wheel drive pick-up. The van's transmission went out on us in Norfolk, so we got a room in a motel while the guys went back to AFton to pick up our van. The next morning it was pouring down rain; and when we got to Cape Hatteras we got out of the vehicles and Jim slammed the truck door on his finger. We took the ferry to Ocracoke and had to wade through water up to our knees to get into the house we'd rented for the week. If we had only waited 15 minutes, all the water was gone by then! We left and headed to the beach; and got our sunburn that first day. Jim could NOT wear shoes because his feet got the worst of it; so we learned about sole suckers and that's the only way he could walk around anywhere. Then, before we left to head home, we decided we wanted some shrimp to bring back with us; so Margaret and I headed to a fish house for some. As I was backing out, I backed into a vehicle that was already all banged up; and the guy and I exchanged insurance info, He never even turned in the claim to his insurance company, so mine didn't have to pay anything because I had a very tiny dent to my back ladder that really didn't need fixing. What a bad vacation! TFL