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Victoria &amp; Snow White

On Saturday (5/7/05) we went to EPCOT. We had met many of the characters at Showcase Plaza and then made our way into World Showcase. I saw a little line beside one of the buildings so I took a peek and saw Snow White. I showed Victoria and asked her if she wanted to go and meet her. She practically jumped out of her stroller. We waited a very short time in line. When it was Victoria’s turn, Snow White did a twirl and then sat down on the step and called for Victoria. She ran up to her and sat upon her lap where they chatted for a bit. Snow White asked if she could get a kiss and Victoria gave her a little peck on the cheek. Snow White then gave Victoria a BIG kiss and left a lipstick kiss on her cheek. She was so proud of that lipstick mark for the rest of the day!