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The hunt for the perfect Christmas Overalls…

I searched eBay for days to find the perfect overalls for Victoria. I bid on some really cute ones with presents and Santa, but I was sniped at the last second. I was so sad, I thought they would be perfect for our Christmas Eve get togethers. So I searched again and found these nativity overalls. It made me realize that I had been out of the true spirit of Christmas. I bid on them right away and prayed that I wouldn’t be sniped again. Well as you can see, I won them and then prayed they would be here by the time we came back from Disney and they were! Victoria saw them and thought they were cute, then we talked about who was on the overalls, and she ran and got her baby Fisher Price Baby Jesus and asked if it was the same. From that moment on, each day we read stories about the true meaning of Christmas. These are the PERFECT Christmas overalls.

All supplies for this layout is from Crossed Paths.