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Okay, this is a massive swap. This is the 3rd round, and I've got a pretty good system going. It doesn't totally eliminate flakers (but what does?), but it does reduce them. I keep a spreadsheet w/ all the characters broken into groups, I have colums for names and email addresses, so I can post the list of available spots without posting email addresses (which I view as a way to avoid people getting added to spam lists)
Then I *try* to keep track of who responds to emails so I can get rid of the flakers early.
When I swap back, I write all the characters/kits that person has on the back of the box, and as I put a kit in, I checkmark off the kit-that way I know what I've done, even if I have to come back to it later (though I try not to do that, because it's easier to keep track of what I'm doing if I do it in one sitting) So if people keep their kits, I can still keep track of what they should get back.
Then in my spreadsheet, I mark the date I sent the kit back, as they never all go out on the same day. I swap out as I get full groups. That way people aren't waiting forever and for flakers. This is NOT foolproof, especially for those of us in groups with lesser known characters. This is the Huanted Mansion, by Renee Steffenauer.