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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I used the Feb. 09 Pack this way:
1 Silver Heart Charm – on backpack as a charm.
1 Skein ecru embroidery floss – used on the Title block, gathered the tea bag with it to make the pinkish flower, and used on the button closure on the backpack.
15 Assorted Buttons – used two large ones to lift backpack up (see close up pic), used 1 as button on backpack (see close up pic), used one in the middle of the pinkish flower, used 2 as ‘city markers' and used the rest to simulate push pins. I used all 15.
5 Small pink confetti hearts – used one on backpack, two on pinkish flower, two on the white button markers that pinpoint cities family lives in.
1 map page – used big part as seen and made 2 mini maps from scraps.
1 manila tabbed index divider – used as ‘paper' to write Itinerary on.
1 tea bag – cut apart, inked pink, gathered it and made flower from it.
2 Shipping tags with wire—used one to make the backpack, the four pinkish push pins and the water bottle. Used one as Pack List ‘paper'. I took the wire and created curly embellishments on Title Block.
1 Small binder clip – used to hold a mini map to Pack List.
Sandpaper – used for letters/numbers in Title Block and for the centers of some of the Button ‘Push Pins'.