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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

These are pics from x-mas 2007 when i made reindeer peanut butter cookies. they have pretzel antlers, chocolate chip eyes and either a cinnamon hot or white chocolate nose. the recipe was from TOH.

This LO is for the Feb/Mar scrap pack challenge. The items are as follows:

silver heart charm: upper right corner
embroidery floss: the top edge and decorative stripes on the "bowl" in the lower left corner
15 buttons: 4 used as imitated chocolate chip eyes, 11 as chips in the "bowl."
5 confetti hearts: 2 as the "nose" on the imitation cookies, 3 on the imitation cover in the upper right corner
map page: cut and layered to make the magazine in the upper right corner. its hard to see all the pages inside the book, esp since i used a blue lake area to make the cover.
index divider: upper right corner
tea bag: used the tea flakes to cover the wire as the pretzel antlers
shipping tags with wire: tags-cut into the same shape as the cookies. wire-twisted to create the shape of the pretzels and covered with tea flakes.
small binder clip: upper right corner
sandpaper: cut into shape of bowl, lower left corner.