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March Madness, 'It Isn't Easy Being Green' Challenge.

The Madness Part is that we have to finish 10 LO's in the month of March.

Even yet more madness is involved, as our LO's have to be 75 - 100%, the color GREEN!

*Twist * - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Reduce - Reducing my green paper stack, as well as my sticker stash.

Reuse - For the photo on the right, I used a picture, of a picture, in which I took the picture! It was of part of the local Girl Scouts exhibit display at the SanDiego Fair this past summer! ;)

Recycle - Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookie Box Text. Also, for the picture on the left, I used a favorite photo from a magazine article/advertisement that represents Girl Scouts throughout the years, both young & old!

'Make new friends,
but keep the old...
One is silver and
the others gold!'

Kumbaya & TFL!