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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

LO done for me by my sb.com friend Riorabbit. (I love seeing how other people would scrap topics compared to how I would do it.)

Journaling reads: One day it was really nice weather. I was home with you and no car, so I put you in the stroller and we walked to Wendy's for lunch. It took about a half-hour to get there. We had to get over into driveways several times because there was no sidewalk, so we were actually on the road. Mommy got off work while we were at Wendy's, so I had her come get us for the trip home. My poor legs were already Jell-O. (October 9)

(This would have been Oct 9, 2007. The year is understood because of this LO's place in the album chronology.) :)