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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

. Create a 2 page LO. (8x8 minimum) check
2. The LO MUST contain at least 2 embellies, one little and one big. The key here is to play with EXTREMES. So, I want to see some teeny elements and some humongo elements. YOUR REALLY BIG ELEMENT CAN NOT BE A PHOTOGRAPH. So, you can use a big photo, but it can't be your big thing (nor can its mat(s)). Huge giraffe, smaller monkeys and lion
3. Your LO MUST contain something digital. It doesn't have to all be digital, but SOMETHING on the LO must be digitally created (again, photos don't count). The papers and animal elements were printed from a kit by Mindy Terasawa at
4. Your theme must be related to the song title in some way. What could be bigger than a new baby!