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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I created this for a challenge over at scrapjazz.com. It was to create a page with the theme "Soundtrack of Your LIfe." You could interpret that any way you wanted. I decided to journal about decades in my life and describe what songs/bands/themes of music that I think would have "played" had my life been a movie. Thanks for looking!!
The journaling states:
Sometimes when
I am driving or walking,
I think about what
the soundtrack would
be if songs were playing
in the background
24/7. I know that with
each decade of my life,
the type of music
would be different.

In my teens, the songs
would be filled with
sadness and angst.
Heavy metal ballads
were my favorites. Bands
like Def Leppard,
Dokken and
Bon Jovi blared from
my boom box.

The music in my early twenties would be
depressing. I was
“finding myself” during
this time. “Dust In the
Wind” by Kansas or
“Trouble Me” by the
10,000 Maniacs or
anything by The Cure
might be playing
in the background.

As for my late
twenties, early thirties,
the songs would be
more mellow. Bands like
U2 or Green Day would
be blaring from my
radio during this
period of time. There
would be a mix of
songs that contained
upbeat and some
thoughtful lyrics.

As for my late 30’s,
the music would be characterized as “angry music,” as Charlotte
calls it. Evanescence,
Muse, AFI, My Chemical Romance would be
playing in the
background. These
songs would not be
because I was
particularly angry
but fit the determination
I have felt to
accept myself.

Who knows what
music will be playing
now that I am 40.
I am at peace and pretty much accept myself,
warts and all. Maybe I
will write my own songs!!